Browser to app authentication on Android: possible issues

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2017 10:24AM CET

1. What to do when the app asks me to open a browser?

To continue in your authentication session, we want you to open the same browser. As the android platform detects there are multiple browsers installed, it's going to provide you a list of possible browsers. Choose the one where you pressed the authenticate button.

2. What to do when I accidentally saved the wrong browser as a default?

Your choice is saved as a default in the browser app. To clear the defaults you should go to your browser settings (settings -> apps -> yourbrowser) and press the "clear defaults" button to clear the defaults. Next time you are authenticating, the app will ask you again what browser you like to open.

3. The MYDIGIPASS app opens the wrong browser. What can I do?

In some cases Android cannot detect there are browsers installed apart from the stock browser. To fix this issue you should use the default stock browser or install a browser from the android marketplace.

4. What browser is suggested for the android platform?

We suggest you use Chrome as the default browser on your system. In most cases it comes pre-installed on your phone. If this is not the case you can always download it from the android marketplace